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GE Healthcare obtains exclusive global rights to LikeMinds’ dopamine-transporter imaging agent

Next stage clinical study proceeding for SPECT radiopharmaceutical

BOSTON — March 28, 2022: LikeMinds, a Boston-based brain-imaging specialist, today announces an exclusive licencing agreement with GE Healthcare. Under the agreement, GE obtains the global rights to LikeMinds’ dopamine-transporter imaging agent, a radiopharmaceutical that aims to assist in the evaluation of adult patients with suspected Parkinsonian syndromes, support research and improve patient care. A next-stage clinical study for the agent will also be underway this year.

The agent has the potential to reduce overall procedure time for SPECT brain imaging, to optimize imaging center workflow and help improve patient comfort. Dr. John Seibyl, Board Chairman and Distinguished Scientist, Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorders, New Haven, Connecticut, said: “This new SPECT agent may offer a faster imaging workflow which could provide more convenience for patients with suspected Parkinsonian syndromes and greater efficiency for the imaging clinic.  It also holds promise in potentially making dopamine-transporter imaging more accessible if approved.”

According to LikeMinds Founder and CEO Peter Savas, the licensing agreement is a major milestone for the company. “GE Healthcare is the beacon of excellence in pharmaceutical diagnostics. We are thrilled to be working with the unequivocal leader in brain imaging,” said Savas.

Globally, the number of people with Parkinson’s disease is estimated to double from 6.9 million in 2015 to 14.2 million in 20401. Early and accurate diagnosis helps patients, their families and care givers to identify appropriate resources and support as well as plan for the future and access treatment.

LikeMinds is a Boston, Massachusetts-based technology company committed to advancing the study, detection, and treatment of dopamine-related brain disorders, including Parkinsonian Syndromes, Lewy Body Dementia, addiction, depression, and ADHD.

GE Healthcare is the healthcare business of GE (NYSE: GE). GE Healthcare’s Pharmaceutical Diagnostics unit is a global leader in imaging agents used to support around 100 million procedures per year globally, equivalent to three patients every second. For more information, visit

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